Established in 1997, our family owned orchard is the oldest organic carob operation in Australia. Using only natural methods, each tree is lovingly home grown from seed and grafted in the paddock by David and Carol Solomon, who still hand nurture and care for each of our 3,500 trees today.
Positioned adjacent to the sea in Port Elliot, South Australia, the natural rainfall, summer sun and sea breezes of the local Mediterranean climate allows our orchard to thrive – producing consistent and high quality carob bursting with natural sweetness.

As passionate growers and pioneers of the carob industry, our innovative grafting technique, machine harvesting and nurturing methods have changed the way carob is farmed world-wide.
The same creativity flows through our kitchen, where daughter Sophie develops new gourmet carob goodies and recipes for you to enjoy. From the first syrup released in 2010, our range has expanded to include kibble, powders, bars, bears and vegan friendly options.

Now filling shelves of supermarkets, cafes and health food stores around the world, The Carob Kitchen has quickly become a household name and the most popular carob brand in Australia.

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